About Sedusa

Sedusa was founded By Carol Enge Whitsett in 2004, and was one of the first pole studios to open in the U.S. Sedusa's Mission is to leave our clients feeling sexy and empowered by helping them tap into their sensual side. We pride ourselves on being the Sexy Studio, We never shy away from the Erotic roots of pole dance, and we strive to keep the Sensual and Exotic side of Pole dancing alive. We are a Sex positive, and body positive environment. Every women can harness the power of her sexuality, whether big or small, young or mature, married or hustling, we welcome any women who wants to get out of their head and into that (hot) body that she has!


Every woman has an inner desire to dance. Become that exotic dancer that takes your partner's breath away. Live that Fantasy at Sedusa Dance Studio.



Founder of Sedusa

I believed in starting a sandbox for women for many reasons back in 2004. Sedusa Studios is a place where we can learn to dance with our bodies, but really to learn how to dance with our souls first!

Dancing is a beautiful way to light a fire in our relationships, create spice in our lives, make us feel more confident within ourselves, bring out our femininity, mend wounds from life’s bumps, form many friendships, enjoying our workout while we tone our bodies and stay in shape. It can be a form of therapy, all while we become better dancers and enjoy our lives.

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