At Sedusa, we take pride in our ability to have fun, feel sexy and free in a safe environment. Classes that are great for beginners will say START HERE in the description. Series are a set of classes that meet once a week for the duration of the series, Drop-ins, Intros, and Teasers are one time classes. At Sedusa every student gets her own pole for the whole class, so space is limited; booking in advance is highly recommended to hold your spot and to ensure the class runs.

Attire for Pole Classes: Shorts with a small inseam (think bikini), tank top and/or sports bra highly recommended (skin on your arms/sides helps you grip). Pole Dance Shoes (we loan you a pair your first visit, After that you'll need to buy some, we have an awesome boutique), no hand or wrist jewelry, and no lotion! If special attire is required we’ve listed it in the description.


These classes focus on building body awareness, strength and grace! You’ll receive step by step instruction on how to build quality movement! Great for those wanting to build clean fluid technique, and who want a physical and mental challenge!


These classes focus on getting in touch with your body, and feel good movement that isn’t driven by technique. Great for those who either have good body awareness or who want to just get out of their head and connect to their body!