Sensual Dance

START HERE!! Sensual Dance is the foundation for all sexy style dances. This class is about reaching inside yourself to find your inner beauty and grace and expressing it through dance. It is a beautiful way to soften your life, build your self-confidence, and add a sexy spark to your relationship. Each class starts with stretches that relax your mind and warm up your body. Then you will learn an exotic dance that is yours to share with your partner or to enjoy for yourself.

Pre-req: None

Lap Dance

Learn how to perform a lap dance like a professional. Practice the Art of Seduction and a number of hot moves put together into a truly enticing lap dance. This sassy class is a great way to feel empowerment as well as give you something to take home for your partner to enjoy. Give him a lap dance and leave him wanting more!

Pre-req: None

Flexy Friday

Always wanted a beautiful split? Elevate your sexy skills by increasing your flexibility! In this class we will learn how to get those long beautiful lines, and how to safely work towards splits, using both active and passive techniques. Learn how to extend, engage, and use your strength to find new levels of flexibility, access new ranges of motion, and to make your existing range look more impressive. This class is suitable for anyone interested in increasing flexibility and strength! Layers are a must (leg warmers/long socks, sweatshirts).

Pre-req: None

Flexy Floorwork

Wind down from your week with Friday’s Flexy Floorwork class! We will warm up with gentle isolations before moving to the floor. Practice your slink, wave, and roll, as we learn sexy floorwork sequences and combos to add to our repertoire. The second half of class will include focused stretching, drilling those dancer lines, splits, and bendy backs. We will use both passive and active stretching techniques to train long and strong lines. Knee pads and leggings are recommended!

This class is open to all levels

Bump N’ Grind Pole

Love bodyrolls, clacks, twerking, and low flow? This class marries the sultry and ratchet sides of pole for an exhilarating hour of dance. Super charge your musicality and confidence. Dress sexy, bring kneepads, stilettos, and booty shorts.

1 month Pole experience recommended!

Acro Chair Dance

Learn how to tease the audience while utilizing the chair as a sensual prop. Each class will include learning chair basics and acro chair balances and tricks. The class concludes with sexy choreography that is sure to leave the audience wanting more. Connect to your divine feminine and let loose in this sexy class while also getting a great workout. Have fun with the month's theme and get dressed up. Bring kneepads, leggings and stilettos.

All levels welcome