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Off-The-Pole Classes

Not ready to hit the pole yet? Want to learn a sexy dance to perform for your lover or at a club? Looking for a fun, fast paced, cardio dance class? Always wanted to learn to dance like your favorite Pop/Hip-Hop Artists? We Have a variety Of classes off the pole that will get your body moving and your heart racing!

Attire: comfortable and sassy! Bare feet, and clothes you can move in!

Sensual Dance

START HERE!! Sensual Dance is the foundation for all sexy style dances. This class is about reaching inside yourself to find your inner beauty and grace and expressing it through dance. It is a beautiful way to soften your life, build your self-confidence, and add a sexy spark to your relationship. Each class starts with stretches that relax your mind and warm up your body. Then you will learn an exotic dance that is yours to share with your partner or to enjoy for yourself.

Duration: 4 Week Series $140

Pre-req: None

Lap Dance

Learn how to perform a lap dance like a professional. Practice the Art of Seduction and a number of hot moves put together into a truly enticing lap dance. This sassy class is a great way to feel empowerment as well as give you something to take home for your partner to enjoy. Give him a lap dance and leave him wanting more!

Duration: 3 Week Series $120

Pre-req: None


FloorCore is an open level class that utilizes sensual dance movement to increase flexibility, strength, and body awareness, all while learning fundamental floor movements and techniques. Students will learn a variety of leg work which will increase hip mobility and strength, floor inversions that will build core strength, overall stability and flexibility, and body & shoulder rolls to enhance movements across the floor. The floor and our stilettos will be our main apparatuses, and we'll occasionally use the pole and folding chairs as well. Once you feel comfortable with the basics you'll switch focus to refining entrances/exits, adding inflections such as whining, twerking, leg flares and splits, and building combos. Attire: Layers (covered shoulders are recommended), pole shoes (better for sliding around), knee pads.

Duration: Drop-in $30

Level: This class is open to students of all skill levels, and intermediate/advanced moves are taught as you progress.

Flexy Friday

Always wanted a beautiful split? Elevate your sexy skills by increasing your flexibility! In this class we will learn how to get those long beautiful lines, and how to safely work towards splits, using both active and passive techniques. Learn how to extend, engage, and use your strength to find new levels of flexibility, access new ranges of motion, and to make your existing range look more impressive. This class is suitable for anyone interested in increasing flexibility and strength! Layers are a must (leg warmers/long socks, sweatshirts).

Duration: Drop-in $30

Pre-req: None

Pussycat Dance Series

Looking for a sexy hot butt, thighs and ab workout, while learning to dance like a Pussycat Doll? This class is very sexy and fun. The Pussycat hour is a steady paced, sexy workout class that teaches moves you can do on a nightclub dance floor. The routine's beats per minute shift from series to series, so you will learn a variety of movements for every tempo. Learn to deliciously move your body to the beat while getting your sweat on!

Duration: 4 Week Series, $80 Drop-in $25

Pre-req: None

Twerk Technique


Guaranteed to make you sweat and your legs burn with this awesome dance class! We will go over the techniques and movements that will help you become the Twerk queen you've always dreamt of. Then we will incorporate that technique into a routine that you will be able to throw down wherever you are. All sized booties are welcome. Knee-pads are a must!
Prereq: None!

Aerial Hammock

The aerial hammock is a fun, sensual and gentle introduction to aerial dance. You will be introduced to some basic hammock skills structured around a short sequence of movements. Skills include how to move gracefully in and out of the apparatus and how to dance basic inversions and single and double leg wraps.

Duration: 2 Week Series $60

Pre-req: None