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Flexibility Foundations- Drills & Skills

Feb. 24th at 4PM

This 90 min workshop presents the foundations of flexibility training for dancers, pole acrobats, and aerialists. Come to sweat and stretch as we focus on conditioning, core work, proper muscle engagement and alignment, and both active and passive stretching techniques. Learn the drills to develop the skills!

In addition to lots of conditioning, we will be working on leg flexibility for front and side splits, using a ballet-inspired warmup and focusing on long, clean lines and extension. We’ll also be backbending, exploring variations of shoulder and upper back openers. Material may also include leg scales, elbowstands, and deeper backbend work depending on skill level. This workshop is great for dancers seeking a new strength & stretching regiment, or those working on goals moves. All levels are welcome, whether a seasoned stretcher or newbie!

Flexibility Foundations is taught by Kara Nova, who has a great love for stretching. Kara has trained in the circus arts since 2010, studying acrobatic stretching, contortion, and technique. Formerly a pole acrobat herself, she now focuses on contortion through performance, practice, and sharing the art of bending with others

Sedusa Showcase

March 10th 4-7PM

Join us for an afternoon of performances from our beautiful Sedusa Students and Instructors! Beverages and snacks provided!

Heel Drive REV

March 23rd/24th

REV is loaded with introductory exercises to help make your boxwork more efficient and simple. Beyond learning to walk, I will help you establish a technically sound framework for your movement in heels, by progressing you through the five fundamentals central to all heelwork.

1. Engagement.

2. Weight transference/distribution.

3. Heel-drives.

4. Floor connections (drags, traces, slides).

5. Rotations.

The emphasis is placed on heightening box-floor connection sensitivity, to smooth out, and open new movement pathways.

REV exercises draw influence from ballet, and are tailored to recruit and create the necessary ankle support system for boxwork. We will assess existing tendencies in foot and ankle articulation on a barefoot level, correcting where needed. Proper engagement in heels will build directly from this. A thorough discussion on heel anatomy, fit, and differences across heights and styles will also take place.



At least 3-4 months pole-specific movement experience reccomended. 


Heel heights minimum 7.5 inch and maximum 9 inch. 

2 pairs highly recommended.

Heel huggers permitted. 

Box covers prohibited. 

No boots. 

Ankles straps required.

OTHER: Bring slidey socks. Knee pads are always welcome, but for certain portions I will prohibit to assess full leg lines. These portions do not bear weight on the knees. 


NO Cancellations will be refunded if signing up for a Pro Dancer Workshop, or any other Event held at Sedusa (Photo shoots, Party’s, Expo). If you are unable to attend for any reason, your best option is to find a friend to take your spot; And let us know, maybe we already know of a girl trying to get a spot, we will do everything we can to help. All money collected goes directly to the Guest Instructor or Professional, NOT Sedusa Dance Studio. Hosting visiting Professionals generally requires a minimum. If we have less than a certain number of sign ups, it is Sedusa's responsibility. For this reason, we cannot issue refunds for any event or workshop. No Exceptions! By Registering for this event you agree to adhere to this policy!

2 Pay Option:

By selecting the 2 pay option you reserve your spot, and authorize Sedusa Dance Studio to charge the same card you used to register the remaining balance owed ($275) on March 2nd, 3 weeks prior to the event.

Workshops with Rhiannan Nichole

Base Work & Floor Tricks 4/28 @ 2PM

This one will have us focusing on dynamic ticks that utilize the base of the pole as well the open floor. We’ll be working on some hard hitting movements in this workshop so be sure to bring knee pads. Heels are helpful for protecting the toes and adding another element of fun but certainly aren’t required. In addition to safe and proper technique in somersaults and shoulder stands, Rhiannan will be going over favorites like the Venus Fly Trap, Kip Whip, Fish Flop, Lasso, and smooth shoulder transitions. Think... old school swag had a baby with new school punctuated maneuvers to give your dance interest and keep your audience invested. Just because it’s floor, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Students will definitely need to be of an intermediate skill level or higher to benefit from this curriculum.

For an example of Base Work & Floor Tricks, click HERE

Make It Rain 4/28 @ 4PM

Time to get nasty. In this workshop, Rhiannan takes her stripper experience and applies it to a teachable, usable method of pole dance that feels good to you while appealing to your viewer too. This is the epitome of floor humping, floppy ankles, ass bouncing, pole grinding, eye fucking, heel clacking, sneaky finger fun that every babe should know whether you’re working the club stage, seducing your lover, or just letting your freak flag fly during free style dances. This is nasty to the max and all about coaxing out the most erotic side of your deepest self and allowing it to take over. But don’t worry, Rhiannan’s curriculum for this workshop makes nasty look nice and crass look classy. You’ll learn how, where, and when to touch yourself, how to include booty popping in a timely manner, and how to use eye contact to make your audience feel indebted to you. This isn’t your typical stripper style workshop. Heels are mandatory for this one and leg warmers are very helpful. This workshop is great for students of all skill levels! It’s also helpful to wear that extra little something to really get you in the mood. This is a routine based workshop so Rhiannan will need her own pole for the duration of the class.

For an example of a Make It Rain routine, click HERE