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Rachele Ribera Workshops

Saturday April 28th 2018

3pm Exotica

90 Min./$90

Infused with standing to low Russian inspired flows. Slide, trace, fly, grind, hit, wind, thread, and take control of your rock bottom pole movement. Learn how to transition between fast and slow movements as you dance exotic combinations.
**kneepads recommended**
All levels welcome! Some pole experience is recommended!


4:30 Wing

90 Min./$100
Prep. Strengthen. Stabilize. Manipulate the platform for the longest lines possible. Master slides, traces, carves, and the wing, creating beautiful details to put the polish on every movement and leg placement on and off pole.
*heels with ankle strap required*
**wear heels you don’t mind scraping up**
All levels welcome! Some pole experience is recommended!

6:30pm Float

90 Min.
SPIN POLE FOUNDATIONS Embody the delicate grace of a music box Ballerina. Learn how to lift into ethereal traces, floats, and wrapped positions, with control, and ease. Appear to defy gravity. Perfect your poise and strengthen suspended holds to help you create elegant transitions. Stylized spin pole precision training.
**heels recommended for tracing**
All levels welcome! Some pole experience is recommended!
Two Pricing Options:
$75 for a shared pole (two students to a pole)
$110 for a private pole (have the pole all to yourself for the entire workshop)



Sedusa Spring Clothing Swap

Sunday May 6th 1pm-5pm

It's spring, and it feels so good to be organized! Got a beautiful outfit that you just never wear? You know those smokin' hot stilettos or bad ass boots that just didn't fit quite right but you can't bare to donate to goodwill. Or maybe you have a ton of pole shorts that sit in the drawer because you just can't stop wearing your Bad Kitty high waisted shorts (I hope it's not just me ;) hehe)

We know how hard it is to let stuff go, don't let those gorgeous pieces go to waste! Bring em' to the Sedusa clothing swap!

Details below:

1- Please bring donated swap items to Sedusa Studio by Sat May 5th, 5PM; we will not accept clothes day-of swap


2- We will give you "Sedusa Swap money" voucher (with the amount you will receive the day of) to use during the swap based on what you bring in. You will receive the swap money the day of!


Notes on what you bring in:

   A - Please pre-price your items $1, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50


   B - If you have no idea we can help when you bring things in. We also may need to re-price clothes to fit with how other items we received are priced (we reserve the right to change prices. If any changes are made, the "Sedusa Swap money" you receive will reflect the prices we end up going with).


   C - Clothes should be clean, gently used and the kind of thing you would hope to find at the swap. We may refuse items based on condition.


   D  - Underwear should be new with tags (for bras and dance bottoms this doesn't apply)


   E - Feel free also to bring accessories and gently worn shoes!

   F - Limit 10 donated swap items from each person.


3- If you do not have anything to donate come anyway - there will still be the opportunity to buy cool things (you can buy stuff with regular money as well). The first hour (1-2pm) shopping will be open for those who brought donations; then it'll open to the public!


4- At the end of the swap all leftover clothes will be donated to Sacred Heart


5- Please bring a shopping bag to take your items home in


*All proceeds will go to Sedusa's fund for 45's!*