What clothes should I wear?

Pole dance requires skin contact, so shorts with little to no inseam is a must for most pole classes (think bikini bottoms). We have a wide assortment of Pole and Dance clothes in our boutique available for purchase.

Workout clothes are appropriate for Sensual, Lap, and our dance workout classes, but we always encourage you to wear something that makes you feel good, that you can move in, and always dress to your comfort level.

Please note: No nudity is allowed. No Lotion is allowed on any body parts that will make contact with the pole.

What shoes should I wear?

All of our Pole classes (and our Sensual and Lap dance dlasses) utilize Pole dancing shoes. They are not mandatory, but we highly urge all of our students wear Pole dancing shoes, they take practice and if you start practicing with them from day one you'll become a better dancer for it. Our fast paced dance classes are bare foot.

Your first time at Sedusa we lend you a pair of shoes, after that you will need to provide your own. We have a boutique where you can buy a pair, or we can special order you shoes if needed. You may also rent a pair of shoes from us for $10. Outside shoes are not allowed on the studio floors for preservation and protection of our bodies. Rocks, dirt, and debris can track in, scratching the floors up and also our skin while we do floorwork. If you want to wear shoes, make sure that they have not been worn outside and get approval from the instructor.

What about jewelry?

As for jewelry, anything on the hands and arms are not allowed. This will scratch up the poles, which then can leave rough edges for our skin to get cut on. Furthermore, your jewelry will become damaged from the contact on the pole. Sedusa Studios is not responsible for lost or damaged property. So to save all of us the trouble, please remember to remove all jewelry!

What are the Class Sizes?

Class sizes are small where you will experience support, camaraderie and no judgment!

Are the classes Co-Ed?

Because of the intimate nature of most of our classes, Sedusa is a Ladies only environment.

Do I need to be in shape before taking classes?

Please, come as you are! No prior experience is necessary. We work with all body types and tailor our instruction to your individual needs.

How do I advance to the next level of classes?

Advancement in classes is up to each individual and with Sedusa instructor approval. As you progress, you can move at your own pace, or stay at a level where you feel comfortable and still challenged. There is no pressure at Sedusa Studios. We are here for you!

Which class should I start out with?

For Pole Classes, Sexy Pole is a great place to start. If you are looking for a fun fast paced dance class and great workout, try Pussycat class, Twerk, or Video Vixen! The Pole Classes that are suitable for beginners will say START HERE!! in the Class Description, and all of our off-the-pole classes are great for beginners!

If I sign up for a class and can't make it what should I do?

There are no refunds once a Sedusa Studios Dance Series has started. Make up classes may be arranged within your series dates if it is the same dance and class level, and if there is room in the class. Make-ups require approval from the studio owner. No make up classes are allowed once your dance series has ended.

For Drop-in classes, please give 24 hours notice if you cannot make your class so we can put someone else in your spot. If you notify us at least 24 hours before your scheduled Drop-in class we will let you put the cost towards another Drop-in class. Refunds are not issued for notice less than 48 hours or no-shows.

Can I take Pictures/Videos?

To preserve the intimate nature of Sedusa, Videos are Prohibited during classes. We strive to keep Sedusa Dance Studio a safe environment for women to express themselves freely through dance, many women who dance with us, wether for professional or personal reasons, don't want it to get out to the public, we need to respect everyone’s right to privacy during class time.

If you are practicing in the private room you may take photos and videos. If you share a pic or video please tag the studio (@sedusastudio on IG) and give credit for choreography (if using choreo. you learned in class). We might even share your stuff on our social media page ;)

I have a Groupon Deal- How do I sign up for class?

Groupon Deals are good only for a $20 or $25 Introductory Classes listed on your Voucher. (I.E. Intro to Sexy Pole, Intro to Pussycat Dance) no exceptions. Visit the SCHEDULE page and then call or email: to book.

Please click on the class you hope for then click on New User and put your name, phone # , e-mail address, DO NOT put in your credit card info. After you have made an account you must e-mail me your non expired Groupon 8 digit # so I can put you into the class before they fill.

You will then get an automated confirmation e-mail, and you're in.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and anyone that no shows will be charged the $25 for their missed spot or their Groupon will be marked as USED.

Your non expired coupon is redeemable for introductory classes only or one hour classes valid at $20 or $25. There are no exceptions or substitutions.

***Intro to Pole fit and Intro to Pussycat Pole are Not Groupon classes***

If you have an expired voucher that has not been used, it can be honored for its cash value towards an introductory class. You must sign up online for the introductory class. To be reimbursed for the value of the expired, unused voucher, please print a copy of the voucher and bring it to class with you.

Groupons will be redeemed at the time of booking!

How do I book a party?

Please call or email us with your request for your very own V.I.P.! A Very Incredible Party, that is. You will need a Visa or MasterCard number to reserve your VIP date. For more information, please visit our PARTIES page.