Dance has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I remember dancing around my living room as a little girl while my mom played the piano, pretending that I was a ballerina and rocking out in my garage with an audience of Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. I began taking dance lessons at the age of three. I focused mainly on tap, jazz, and lyrical styles. I loved it. Seventeen years later, changes occurred at the studio I danced with for so long. Instructors I continuously danced with had decided to move on because of it. So at that time I decided that it would be my final year of dance. I made the justification that it was time to try something new and that perhaps I was out growing shows and recitals, and that I was in college I would have less and less time for dance. (I have even less time now, yet I’m at Sedusa at least 3 times a week!) What I didn’t realize was the affect that dance truly had on me.

I’ve always been quiet, shy, and more introverted, never allowing all of my personality to be seen. I always had this wall up and never tried to show much vulnerability. I guess I did this to try and hide my lack of self-confidence. I had always wanted to be more like my outgoing friends, but it didn’t come naturally to me.  I accepted the fact that that was just who I was and I was okay with it. Dance, however, allowed me to get lost in the moment and not have to think about anything else at all. I lost that when I gave up dance. By no means was I ever truly unhappy, but I knew I could be happier. 

Almost two years ago, I took a spin on a stripper pole that had been installed at a friend’s house just for decoration at a bachelorette party. I had no idea that a casual twirl would be a changing point in my life. It was fun and made my arms sore. Having made a New Year’s resolution to take up something crazy to do, I decided I wanted to take a pole dancing lesson. I did some research and learned of Sedusa. I went to an intro class with a few of my girlfriends. I was enamored with the beautiful studio and was surprised how comfortable and empowered I felt. That one intro class has turned into two amazing years which include Pussycat Dance, Video Vixen, Pole Fit, and Sexy Pole. In the last two years I feel that I have grown so much. I know I have grown as a dancer and continue to challenge myself physically. I know I am stronger and healthier. But most importantly I feel I’ve grown personally. Dancing at Sedusa has given me so much self-confidence that I never knew was hidden deep inside. I am more assertive because of this which has allowed growth in my career as well. So thank you to the beautiful and inspiring instructors, dancers, and Carol for allowing me to share the dance floor with you each week. You all have polished my mind, body, and soul and have given me an even happier heart.

Hearts and Hugs,